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S.T.A.B.L.E. in Florence, Oregon

Hundreds of times each day, in hospitals and communities around the world, newly born infants become ill and require specialized care. Each member of the health care team, nurses, physicians, therapists and assistants must know what to do for the sick infant. Their care must be provided in a timely, efficient, anticipatory, and effective manner. This early transitional care affects not only the immediate health of the infant, but also the infant's long-term outcome. The S.T.A.B.L.E. Program was developed to meet the educational needs of health care providers who must deliver this important stabilization care. S.T.A.B.L.E. education is critical to the mission to reduce infant mortality and morbidity and to improve the future health of children and their families.
S.T.A.B.L.E. is the most widely distributed and implemented neonatal education program to focus exclusively on the post-resuscitation/pre-transport stabilization care of sick infants. Based on a mnemonic to optimize learning, retention and recall of information, S.T.A.B.L.E. stands for the six assessment and care modules in the program: Sugar, Temperature, Airway, Blood pressure, Lab work, and Emotional support. A seventh module, Quality Improvement stresses the professional responsibility of improving and evaluating care provided to sick infants.
Students who complete the S.T.A.B.L.E. Learner Course are awarded a course completion card.
The S.T.A.B.L.E. learner manual is required for the course and will be provided for you at the class.
1/25/2019 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM
Peace Harbor Medical Center - Conference Room E
400 9th St.
Florence, OR 97439
Maren Lee
Phone: 541-222-5094

NRP & STABLE Coordinator
Peace Harbor NRP
Phone: (541) 222-5584