PeaceHealth Southwest HeartCheck 360


At PeaceHealth Southwest Medical Center, we believe in better health from the inside out. PeaceHealth Southwest's HeartCheck 360° screening clinics are designed to spot heart and vascular disease so you can get the help you need to improve blood flow and prevent a catastrophic event, like a heart attack or stroke.

—All tests are reviewed by local, board certified heart and vascular physician specialists
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Terms of Participation

Screening results are for informational purposes and are not medical advice. Please remember that the results of these screenings must be interpreted in the context of your clinical history. You may wish to share the results of your screening with your physician so that he/she can fully evaluate your results and recommend a treatment plan for you, if necessary.

It is important to recognize that it is possible to have a normal screening and still suffer a stroke or heart attack. Heart and Vascular screenings are designed to provide early detection of several leading risks and/or causes of stroke, heart attack, and peripheral artery disease. However, no screening can screen for every possible cause or variation of these conditions. As an example, atrial fibrillation can be intermittent, and may not be detected at the time of your screening. Likewise, other abnormalities may be present, yet not detected by the testing modalities or protocols being used at the screening.

Therefore, if you are experiencing symptoms of a heart attack or stroke, SEEK MEDICAL ATTENTION IMMEDIATELY. Do not delay, regardless of your screening results.

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