DELETED-Preparing for Childbirth: Online eClass

Online childbirth education is a unique opportunity to prepare for childbirth. This class is designed to meet your needs no matter where you plan to deliver. The online option provides you with the same information as our 5-week series but lets you complete the course at your own pace. It is also an excellent review for second time parents. The course takes 4-7 hours to complete, depending on the level of online interactions you choose.
Your course access/password is active for 8 weeks. It is web based and divided into 8 lessons covering key topics: Pregnancy, Labor, Birth, Comfort Techniques, Medical Procedures, Cesarian Birth, Newborn, and Postpartum Care.
Course includes instructive videos, printable files, and interactive games. You also have access to e-mail any specific questions you have to a childbirth educator.
Please disregard the class times listed below; you will have 8 weeks from the date you register(56 days) to complete the course.
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