Chronic Disease Clinic Measures

PeaceHealth is an innovator in the implementation of models of care to support those with chronic disease. The Diabetes Wellness Assessment Program (DWAP) is one such care model example. The DWAP includes an annual diabetes assessment, evaluation of risk factors, development of a “wellness” plan, periodic provider visits, a diabetes education program and an electronic tracking system that ensures patients who are at high health risk are getting regular follow-up evaluations. All PeaceHealth patients with diabetes can enroll in this program.

 For Period Ending 3/31/2013
Chronic Disease MeasureAll PeaceHealth ClinicsPeaceHealth Medical Group Oregon RegionPeaceHealth Medical Group Whatcom - CSHPeaceHealth Medical Group Whatcom - CordataPeaceHealth Medical Group Lower Columbia RegionPeaceHealth Medical Group Siuslaw RegionPeaceHealth Medical Group Southeast Alaska Region South Lane Medical Group
Glycohemoglobin lab result less than 753%48%61%52%54%50%67%48%
Glycohemoglobin lab results greater than 915%17%7%13%14%17%7%17%
Low Density Lipoprotein lab results less than 10058%58%57%48%59%58%66%49%
Blood Pressure results less than 130/8039%40%38%41%42%41%29%34%

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