Organizational Health Survey score

What It Means
The Organizational Health Survey measures the extent to which PeaceHealth caregivers perceive their work environments as having a meaningful culture of Healing and Compassionate Care. The Survey scores can range from 0 (the work environment is at the start of its journey in creating a culture of Healing and Compassionate Care) to 100 (the environment is at the furthest mile marker of Healing and Compassionate Care that caregivers and PeaceHealth can envision at this time). The culture model of Healing and Compassionate Care is based on the ethic that everything in the environment affects recovery and healing. It is a relationship-focused model with our patients and families at the center. The model guides us in how we provide care to our patients and families. It guides us as we create systems, processes, and programs. And, it guides us as we recruit, develop and respond to the needs of our caregivers. It combines the head and the heart, the science and the art of our healthcare ministry.

Why It Is Important
The Organizational Health Survey helps to inform and guide PeaceHealth leaders. It provides invaluable information about where to strengthen efforts to improve caregivers’ work experience, their connection to the organization, with patients and one another, and the joy and pride they feel working at PeaceHealth. We recognize that we can give our patients and their families only what we have ourselves. Therefore, to provide care that is truly healing, we believe everyone needs to be treated with compassion, caring, understanding, dignity, and love.

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