At the time of arrival or admission, a complete list of the patient's home medications is documented and compared to medications ordered at the start of the patient's stay and discrepancies are reconciled and documented.

What It Means
Reconciliation is the process of comparing what the patient is taking at the time of admission or entry to the hospital with what the hospital is providing. This measure indicates that the hospital is currently developing methods for gathering information about current medications and developing standardized processes for collecting, recording and reviewing this information.

It is up to each organization to determine how this process takes place. A patient who is able to respond is asked for their complete list of medications. If the patient cannot be the source of the information, the hospital must put into place a plan or alternative way of getting the information. Whenever and however the comparison takes place, it should take place early enough to improve the safety of the organization's medication management processes, and improve the patient's safety.

Why It Is Important
Accurate communication of medication information is important to ensure safe and effective care for the patient.

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