What is Transparency? Why is it Important?

PeaceHealth defines Transparency as being open and honest about safety, quality and the level of patient satisfaction related to the care we provide—as a means of fulfilling our promise to deliver exceptional medicine and compassionate care.

Why is Transparency so important? First and foremost, our providers, patients, and the communities we serve deserve to know how we're doing—because it's the right thing to do and because that's how we learn and improve. Further, employers, payers (private health insurance companies and the government), and health care consumers are demanding Transparency.

In answer to this call, PeaceHealth has set ambitious goals to dramatically improve our performance on several important quality measures. We believe strongly, and the Institute of Medicine (IOM) agrees, that Transparency will be a key driver of quality improvement. In fact, the need for Transparency is among the recommendations contained in the IOM’s March 2001 report, Crossing the Quality Chasm.

PeaceHealth has developed a plan for achieving our Transparency goals. Part of this plan is to do the best possible job of communicating with each of you about Transparency and your role in supporting performance improvement. The first step is to introduce you to the concept of Transparency and why it is so important (the purpose of this memo). Additional information and resources can be found on PeaceHealth’s Transparency website.

We encourage you to share your ideas with us about how we can enhance Transparency at PeaceHealth and move closer to achieving our quality improvement goals. Please send us your comments or suggestions.

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