PeaceHealth Medical Group Oregon Region
Measure: Low Density Lipoprotein lab results less than 100

Time Period Ending:  3/31/2013

Rate: 58%

What We Are Doing:

In 2000 PeaceHealth Medical Group (PHMG) launched its Diabetes Wellness Assessment Program. There are approximately 4,000 PHMG patients with diabetes automatically enrolled in the program. Primary care physicians work closely with their patients with diabetes to manage medication, diet and exercise. Patients receive information from physicians to help them achieve optimal blood sugar control.

The following physicians have been given the National Award for Excellence in Diabetes Care by The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA):

Dr. Robert Ballman, Jr

Dr. Kate Beckstrand

Dr. Chris Bolz

Dr. James Buie

Dr. Jill Chaplin

Dr. Christa Danielson

Dr. Juanita Doerksen

Dr. Mark Dukeminier

Dr. Ralph Fillingame

Dr. Marlon Fletchall

Dr. Larry Hirons

Dr. John Holtzapple

Dr. Laura Jakious

Dr. Barry Jarvis

Dr. Emma Lee Junior

Dr. Rick Kincade

Dr. Mickey Kraynyak

Dr. Michael Laurie

Dr. Mark Lyon

Dr. Pat Merrick

Dr. Sharon Meyers

Dr. Bill Moshofsky

Dr. Mary Jo Ramsey

Dr. Allison Scarborough

Dr. Geoffrey Simmons

Dr. Steve Yoder

  Find out more about this award at the NCQA website.

What Can You Do?

The American Diabetes Association provides information regarding diabetes risk, prevention, recipe tips, community programs and local events.  For more information contact

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