PeaceHealth Medical Group Whatcom - CSH
Measure: Glycohemoglobin lab results greater than 9

Time Period Ending:  3/31/2013

Rate: 7%

What We Are Doing:

 PeaceHealth Medical Group Whatcom region is proud to have a dedicated team of providers, registered nurses, clinic managers and diabetes educators that are meeting regularly to ensure that our patients receive the tools and support to achieve the best diabetes and health outcomes.

Patients can expect to be scheduled for office visits with their primary care provider every three to six months depending on their health management goals. We have an active Diabetes Education center with registered nurses and dieticians eager to provide additional support. We encourage everyone to attend a Diabetes Education class and continue asking questions. Whatcom patients also have access to a free, drop-in Diabetes Answers class run by a registered nurse. This is held once monthly and patients, family, and friends are invited to attend. Our community is also fortunate to have several specialists in diabetes management (endocrinologists) for complex or difficult to manage diabetes care needs. These specialists work closely with the primary care team to support patient's in reaching personal health goals.

Our electronic meidcal record helps to monitor the success of our care and to identify areas for improvement. We also  identify those patients who have fallen behind in management of their disease and address any barriers preventing them from seeking regular care.

 What can YOU do?

 It is important to learn about your medical conditions and communicate with the physicians, nurses, and clinical staff in your care team regarding any questions you have or barriers you face that prevent you from managing your health!

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