PeaceHealth Medical Group Lower Columbia Region
Measure: Low Density Lipoprotein lab results less than 100

Time Period Ending:  3/31/2013

Rate: 59%

What We Are Doing:

At PeaceHealth Medical Group in the Lower Columbia Region, we’ve established a Diabetes Wellness Program where our goal is to put our patients at the center of all we do.  We want to work in partnership with each patient in maintaining or improving their health and well being.  We also encourage our patients to be involved in their health care by taking an active role in the care that they receive.


Patients will be scheduled to see their primary care provider every three to six months, depending on personal goals determined by the primary care provider and patient together.  These visits may include a discussion of current health, an exam, review of lab results and medications, evaluation of risk factors, and a plan of treatment.


We encourage patients to attend Diabetes Education classes, even if they’ve attended before.  These classes provide a good refresher on common management issues such as diet, exercise, blood glucose testing, and self-management.  Annual eye exams, foot care, and routine lab testing are all recommended to monitor for common complications of diabetes.  We follow national guidelines for evidence based quality care.


Our electronic medical record helps us to monitor the success of our care and the patient’s efforts to manage diabetes successfully, plus identifies opportunities for improvement. 


Through our involvement in the Diabetes Wellness Program, we have many providers who have been given the National Award for Excellence in Diabetes Care by The National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA).  Currently, we have 20 clinicians that have been granted this recognition.  Our clinicians and Chronic Disease Team are committed to keeping our patients as healthy as possible.

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