PeaceHealth Medical Group Southeast Alaska Region
Measure: Glycohemoglobin lab result less than 7

Time Period Ending:  3/31/2013

Rate: 67%

What We Are Doing:

We are improving the Diabetes Wellness Program where our goal is to put you, the patient, at the center of all we do. 

To meet the goal of good blood sugar control and timely health care we send letters or make phone calls to remind you of regular lab tests, eye exams and annual physicals. 

We have added 3 Nurse Care Coordinators.  These new team members will provide leadership and direction for the ongoing improvement of disease management programs working directly with Patients, Providers and staff. 

 If the results of your tests are not in a range you and your doctor would like them to be, then we can have the Diabetes Education Program contact you.  Together with the Nurse Diabetes Educator and the dietician you can decide which steps to take to achieve your goals.

The Diabetes Education Program staff and other staff will spend time with you to ensure you understand your medications and when to take them.  They can also help you find a type of exercise you enjoy and can work into your lifestyle. We do this because we know it will help lower or maintain good control of your blood sugar.

We also encourage you to attend Diabetes Education classes and the support group, even if you have been to them before. It is a good refresher on what is important to your health and most people say they hear something new every time they go. Bring a family member or friend with you. They can be your cheerleader!

Remember YOU are in the driver's seat. Take advantage of all the services and care that PeaceHealth can provide. We are here for you

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