Sacred Heart Medical Center University District
Measure: Organizational Health Survey score

Time Period Ending:  6/30/2012

Rate: 67%

What We Are Doing:

Over the last several years, there has been a focused, intensive effort toward positive change for caregivers and patients. The goal has been to progress toward patient-centered healing and compassionate care; to improve patient, caregiver and physician satisfaction; to address workforce shortages; and to create facilities that welcome and ensure healing. We believe that as employee-caregivers connect more deeply and personally with meaning in their work they will become more energized, compassionate and focused healers.


One example of an employee enhancement was the formation of a Healing and Compassionate Care Steering Committee with members from the community, staff and management of our organization. The committee started this journey by listening to our sponsoring Sisters share their stories of compassion and healing. 


  • The Center for Mission and Renewal was created. The center is a gift to all PeaceHealth employees. It is a place where they can go to relax, refresh and be revitalized. The center offers chair massages, a relaxation chair, quite places to read a book, and a library of books on topics including: patient and family centered care, relaxation, therapeutic touch, spirituality, self care, personal growth, and more. It recognizes that nurturing our employee-caregivers is an essential step toward enhancing our healing culture, helping us to continue to provide the best possible care to our patients and their families. 
  • A two-day employee Renewal Experience was developed and implemented. It was created as an opportunity for personal renewal and affirmation of the gifts each individual brings to work as a caregiver at PeaceHealth.

We work hard to ensure that employees are involved and inspired; feel a strong sense of commitment to their work; and understand how their work contributes to the success of the organization. 

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