PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center
Measure: Organizational Health Survey score

Time Period Ending:  6/30/2012

Rate: 67%

What We Are Doing:

Caregiver Engagement is a critical strategy in pursuit of our collective vision that “Every PeaceHealth patient will receive safe, evidenced-based, compassionate care; every time, every touch."

�        Organizational Health shows yearly trends of how well our organization fosters a culture of healing and compassionate care

�        Engagement serves as a catalyst for teams to discuss how they work together to ensure they, as individuals and teams, are inspired and fully engaged and that the general environment within their work unit facilitates meaningful work

�        Safety Culture seeks to better understand and focus on creating an environment of trust where all caregivers feel free and responsible to speak their truth and to champion safe care at PeaceHealth

At PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center our approach to engagement begins with each of us as we strive to make our work personally meaningful and engage our hearts. Our engagement strategy is intentionally woven into all organizational initiatives and decisions.  

Our 2nd Quarter focus is on:

·         Involving caregivers in setting and monitoring department goals

·         Reviewing mid-year “pulse survey” results from select departments and adjusting departmental engagement plans and focuses accordingly

·         Sustaining regular conversations with teams about meaningful work.


Creating an environment in which our caregivers feel valued and appreciated for their significant contributions in the care of our patients.
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