Sacred Heart Home Health
Measure: Percentage of patients whose wounds improved or healed after an operation

Time Period Ending:  12/31/2012

Rate: 88%

What We Are Doing:

The Home Health team will monitor the surgical wound while it's healing for signs and symptoms of infection.  If there are any concerns then timely communication with your MD occurs.  A fast response to changing signs and symptoms may prevent serious problems from developing or prevent another hospitalization or ER visit.  This follow up time in the home can speed recovery and maximize the success of the surgical wound.  The Home Health team provides education on diet and how this affects the healing process of the wound along with monitoring any other chronic illnesses that can impact wound healing. 

Education provided to you, your family or caregiver on what the signs and symptoms of infection are and when to contact Home Health RN also assists us in a quick response to a rapidly changing wound and could keep you out of the emergency department or hospital.

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