Sacred Heart Home Health
Measure: Percentage of patients who get better at walking or moving around

Time Period Ending:  12/31/2012

Rate: 55%

What We Are Doing:

At the beginning of services the home health RN or Therapist conducts a comprehensive assessment to identify your mobility needs, set obtainable goals that you agree with and are willing to work towards, then in coordination with the MD creates a care plan to meet the identified goals.  As you become stronger and you are moving around more we reassess and identify new goals if needed.  Our Job is to provide education, equipment recommendations and strengthening exercises in order to accomplish those goals that will assist you to get to the most independent, safest state possible while you walking and moving around.   The home health team will teach how to use any special devices or equipment that will improve your quality of life and function keeping a focus on the safety and independence.   The safer, more mobile you can be, the quicker you improve your overall health and safety.

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