Sacred Heart Home Health
Measure: Percentage of patients who get better at taking their medicines correctly (by mouth)

Time Period Ending:  12/31/2012

Rate: 42%

What We Are Doing:

For medications to work properly, they need to be taken correctly.  The Home Health Staff and physician will work with you to take your own medications at the correct time and with the correct dose. Together we will work to teach you, your family or caregiver how to organize and take your medications safely and correctly.  Some tips may be the use of a calendar, diary, medication list or pillbox and will be reviewed when clinicians visit to assess your progress.  We will evaluate your understanding of your medications because understanding WHAT you are taking, HOW you are to take it, WHAT ARE the expected side effects, WHAT ARE the unexpected side effects is the first step to medication safety.  We will ask about any new or changed medications  during your care to ensure that correct dose and medications are being taken with the changes that occured.

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