PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center
Measure: Organizational Health Survey score

Time Period Ending:  6/30/2012

Rate: 59%

What We Are Doing:

Caregiver Engagement in the ministry is directly tied to PeaceHealth's Mission:

  • Carrying on the healing mission of Jesus Christ
  • Promoting personal & community health
  • Relieving pain and suffering
  • Treating each person in a loving and caring way

Engaged caregivers derive meaning from their work, they are invested and care about making a difference through the work they do every day. 

Caregiver Engagement influences the Whole Patient Experience.  Our collective vision is ", evidenced-based, compassionate care; every time, every touch."

�        Organizational Health shows yearly trends of how well our organization fosters a culture of healing and compassionate care

�        Engagement serves as a catalyst for teams to discuss how they work together to ensure they, as individuals and teams, are inspired and fully engaged and that the general environment within their work unit facilitates meaningful work

�        Safety Culture seeks to better understand and focus on creating an environment of trust where all caregivers feel free to speak their truth and to champion safe care at PeaceHealth

Striving for engagement is a continual improvement process and a way of being as a caregiver and team. Engagement begins with each of us as we strive to make our work personally meaningful and engage people's hearts.

In Lower Columbia Region this work is leveraged through our Mission & Values Team with input from our Patient Experience Team, Engagement Focus Group and Leadership Development initiatives. 

Our focus is on:

  • Building strong teams
  • Leveraging positive reinforcement through appreciative inquiry  
  •  Improving interpersonal, team and organizational communications through training and alignment
  • Empowering caregiver involvement in the creation of positive patient experiences
  •  Insuring our caregivers feel valued and appreciated for their significant contributions in the care of our patients.
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