PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center
Measure: Beta blocker prescribed at discharge

Time Period Ending:  12/31/2012

Rate: 100%

What We Are Doing:

When a Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) occurs, permanent damage to the heart can result. Along with exercises learned in a Cardiac Rehabilitation program, Beta-Blockers can help the heart manage its need for oxygen by slowing down the heart and lowering resistance in blood vessels. 

PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center has a Cardiovascular Improvement Model team, led by a heart specialist, as part of a cooperative effort involving PeaceHealth hospitals. They work together, using the latest proven research, to ensure the best possible care is provided to each patient. This includes making sure Beta-Blockers are considered at discharge for patients who had a heart attack.

Our order sets for Cardiology patients not only provide quick reference sections for recommended medications, but space to alert providers in the future as to why they may be contraindicated.

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