PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center
Measure: Blood culture for transfers to intensive care unit (ICU)

Time Period Ending:  12/31/2012

Rate: 97%

What We Are Doing:
Our Community Acquired Pneumonia Team includes physicians, nurses, and infection control specialists. This team has created a protocol that includes a variety of options for doctors, such as blood culture testing and antibiotics, that ensures fast and effective treatment.

Research is ongoing and proves which tests and treatments are most beneficial for patients with pneumonia. PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center is committed to focusing on those tests and treatments and making sure they are available to our patients. Note: Widely accepted research shows getting a blood culture before giving the antibiotic is not as critical as giving effective antibiotics promptly. It's very rare for one of our patients to need transfer to ICU (intensive care unit), but if they do, they will already have treatment in place.
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