PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center
Measure: When a patient leaves the hospital's care, a complete and reconciled list of the patient's medications is provided directly to the patient and the patient's family as needed, and the list is explained to the patient and/or family.

Time Period Ending:  3/31/2013

What We Are Doing:
Note All Medication Reconcilliation requirements are now bundled under this NPSG and are imbedded in the Medication Management Standards. NPSG.03.06.01 - Maintain and communicate accurate patient medication information. Keeping track of the variety of medications you take can be a challenge for you and your doctor. Some may be new and you may have stopped taking others. Pharmacy staff or nurses review all of your medications when you come to the hospital. These are entered into your medical record and then reviewed and confirmed by your physician. We can say with pride, our process in tracking and communicating to you and all members of the healthcare team exactly which medications you should be taking has become a model for PeaceHealth.

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