PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center
Measure: Implement a patient fall reduction program that includes an evaluation of the effectiveness of the program.

Time Period Ending:  3/31/2013

What We Are Doing:
This Measure is no longer a NPSG but is imbedded in the Provision of Care, Treatment and Services Standards.  St. John is part of a PeaceHealth Falls Collaborative. As a result we've put in place several fall prevention measures including routine bed alarm tests, patient rounding and we document education to patients and family members. To help identify those at risk, we provide yellow fall slippers and ID Bands. We're making every possible effort to protect you and all of our patients from preventable accidents.

We have also implemented an early warning system that notifies an inpatient unit that a patient who has fallen before has been admitted to their floor, allowing extra attention to the falls assessment and prevention measures.

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