Stroke Knowledge Survey


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Survey Description

What’s your stroke IQ? Put your knowledge to the test!

Check the button next to the best choice for the question, unless other directions given. Use the scroll bar on the right to move down the page. When finished, click the OK button located at the bottom of the survey.

Questions marked with red * next to the question number require a response.

Zip code information will be used to determine geographical areas to target for future stroke education.
1. What is your Zip Code?*

Please check all that apply:
 Stroke SurvivorCaregiver &/or family of a Stroke SurvivorKnow someone who has had a stroke but no relation to them.Do not know anyone who has had a stroke.
2. How would you describe yourself?*

3. Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in the United States and a leading cause of serious, long-term disability in adults.*

4. Stroke Symptoms that last only a short time and then disappear (also called transient ischemic attack or TIA) are:*

5. A stroke is caused by:*

6. What should you do if you experience symptoms of a stroke?*

7. The National Stroke Association emphasizes the importance of F.A.S.T. messaging. What do these letters stand for?*

Check all that apply.
8. What are the warning signs of a stroke?

9. There are no treatments for an ischemic stroke.*

10. There is no way to prevent a stroke from happening.*

11. Which of the following risk factors can you control?*
A. Diabetes
B. Age, gender &/or race
C. High blood pressure & high cholesterol
D. Cigarette smoking &/or heavy alcohol use
E. Obesity and physical inactivity
F. Family history of stroke or you have had a stroke or TIA

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